Teeth Whitening Houston, TX

teeth whitening houston tx Discolored or yellow teeth are the most common cosmetic dental concern. Whitening teeth has become a standard cosmetic dental procedure. Dr. Pruitt offers patients in the Houston, TX area professional teeth whitening treatment options.

Professional teeth whitening offers substantially better results to over the counter options. Professional teeth whitening uses professional grade whitening gels that help to reduce tooth sensitivity and reduces the risk of damage to the gums and other soft tissues.

Teeth whitening is a safe and effective cosmetic dental treatment. Teeth whitening can take years off of a patients appearance. Whiter teeth can rejuvenate the smile helping patients to feel more confident in their smiles. Teeth whitening can be used as a stand alone cosmetic treatment or as a part of a total smile makeover.

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Houston, TX cosmetic dentist Dr. Eddie Pruitt offers patients several teeth whitening options. Treatment will be determined based on the cause of tooth discoloration. We tailor or cosmetic treatments to meet the needs of our patients while supporting their optimal oral health. To learn more about which whitening option is best for you, contact our Houston, TX dentist office.