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Restorative Dentistry addresses dental health concerns that jeopardize the function and health of the gums, teeth, and jaw. Missing teeth, periodontal disease, and damaged or broken teeth all present a threat to the overall function and long term health of your smile. Early diagnosis and effective, quality restorative dentistry can restore the health and beauty to the smile and help to prevent future related dental health concerns.

Houston dentist Dr. Eddie Pruitt offers patients experienced, aesthetic restorative dentistry. With a focus on improving the integrity and function of the smile, Dr. Pruitt works with patients to achieve results that will improve their oral health. Dr. Pruitt offers patients the benefit of over 35 years of experience and advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of complex dental problems. From repairing minor tooth damage to a full mouth reconstruction, you can feel confident that your dentistry will be lasting.

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Houston, TX Restorative Dental Services

Personalized Dental Treatment Plans

Through comprehensive and personalized treatment planning, Dr. Pruitt is able to restore function and health to your smile. We approach restorative dental care on an individualized basis to ensure that every patient receives the most suitable treatment for their unique needs and goals. Dr. Pruitt will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your oral health and discuss any lifestyle habits or medical concerns that could affect the longevity of your dental treatment.

As a Dawson trained dentist, Dr. Pruitt takes into consideration the entire occlusal system, including the function of the jaw joints. If all parts are not functioning harmoniously, it could compromise the integrity of your dental care and lead to a break down of your treatment results over time. Dr. Pruitt takes time to identify any underlying dental concerns to be sure you will enjoy a new smile that supports long term oral health and quality of life.

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