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Denture & Partials An Overview

dental implant dentures houston tx dr pruittDentures are the traditional way to replace a full arch of upper or lower missing teeth. Advancements in modern dentistry have made dentures more natural looking and functioning. Implant secured denture options are also available for improved fit and comfort. Houston, TX dentist Dr. Eddie Pruitt offers a range of restorative treatment options for the replacement of a full arch of missing teeth. Dr. Pruitt offers traditional dentures, mini implants, and All-On-FourĀ®.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth is imperative to protecting the health and integrity of the bite and smile. Replacing missing teeth will help to prevent the deterioration of the gums, teeth and jaw bone.

Missing teeth jeopardize the integrity of the jaw and facial structure. The patient with missing teeth often experiences bone deterioration and facial recession. Without the structural support from the missing tooth root, the bone can not stabilize the teeth. Teeth may shift, loosen and even fall out and the jaw line will recede, leaving the face looking sunken in and withdrawn. This can lend a more aged appearance.

Periodontal disease, tooth decay, and bite problems are all common after prolonged tooth loss. Dr. Pruitt offers comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to help patients build a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Pruitt will work with you to choose the dental restorations that will meet your cosmetic goals while improving and stabilizing your overall oral health.

Denture & Partials What to Expect

Houston, TX dentist Dr. Pruitt will evaluate your oral health to help you build a treatment plan that is right for you. The type of denture you and Dr. Pruitt choose will be determined by your budget, cosmetic goals, oral health, and lifestyle. The exact procedure process will vary depending on the type of denture you choose to replace your missing teeth.

Dr. Pruitt will take molds of your mouth to create a custom designed denture. Dentures are made from high quality, durable dental materials that look and feel like natural teeth.

If dental implants, mini implants or All On Four are chosen to secure your denture, you will work with Dr. Pruitt to schedule the surgical placement phase of the implant post. After the necessary healing period, your cosmetic hybrid denture will be secured to your implants for a permanent and stable bite. The All On Four process uses advanced treatment planning to allow for the same day placement of both implants and a denture for an instant new smile.

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