Inlays & Onlays Houston, TX

Inlay & Onlay An Overview

Inlays & onlays are a conservative treatment alternative to a dental crow, sometimes called a partial crown. Most commonly used to treat tooth decay, an inlay or onlay can be used to correct more substantial decay than a dental filling and provide a lasting, stable result. Inlays & onlays are highly durable and are a preferred method for correcting advanced tooth decay or in teeth with larger biting surfaces.

Made of professional grade dental porcelain, the inlay and onlay can be color matched to your natural tooth for a seamless appearance. Inlay or an onlay can also be used to correct cosmetic dental concerns such as chips, gaps or cracks.

Inlay Vs. Onlay

Inlay-  An inlay is used inside the cusp of the tooth. The inlay will be custom designed to fit inside the crevice of the cusp of the tooth. Once fabricated, the inlay is bonded to the decayed or damaged tooth for a high quality and lasting dental restoration.
Onlay- Onlays are commonly used to correct damage or decay on the surface of the tooth. Onlays can effectively be used to repair larger areas of decay and are a more conservative treatment option than dental crowns.

Inlay & Onlay What to Expect

Much like the dental crown process, your inlay or onlay will be custom designed to address your personal oral health concerns. The inlay or onlay will be color matched and molded to address tooth damage and to fit the aesthetics of your natural smile. Dr. Pruitt is a highly trained cosmetic dentist and offers beautiful, lasting results using quality materials.

The dental inlay or onlay will be permanently bonded to the affected tooth and will help to protect the tooth from further damage ,stabilizing the long term integrity of your smile.

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