Dental Implants Houston, TX

Dental implants have become the “gold-standard” for replacing missing teeth. Providing long lasting oral health benefits, and a 98% success rate, dental implants are the most natural way to replace a missing tooth with stable, comfortable results. Dental implants can be used to replace just one missing tooth or to secure a traditional bridge or denture.

Houston, TX implant dentist Dr. Eddie Pruitt has undergone advanced training and is a graduate of The Dawson Academy. Dr. Pruitt practices complete dentistry, taking the health and function of the teeth, gums and jaw joints into consideration when recommending treatment. The results of your dentistry should be comfortable and lasting, addressing any underlying concerns that may impact the longevity of your treatment.

In House Dental Implant Treatment Plans

Dr. Pruitt offers complete dental implant services in Houston. Our in house dental implant treatment plans are designed to restore the function, stabilize the structure and improve the appearance of your smile. Dr. Pruitt’s natural eye for aesthetics combined with his experience and training enable him to offer patients the best possible results and a new smile that both looks and feels great.

Dr. Pruitt is able to perform all stages of the implant procedure including initial planning, implantation and fitting the final restoration in the comfort of our Houston, TX dentist office. Our all inclusive dental implant treatment eliminates the need for  coordinating with additional dentists, saving our patients time and money while allowing for consistent results.

About Dental Implants

dental implants houston txA dental implant is comprised of three parts, each of which is placed at a specific time to allow tissues to heal between phases for an optimal result.

Dental Implant Post

The dental implant post is made of medical grade titanium. Similar to a small screw, the titanium post is surgically implanted into healthy bone tissue. The implant takes about 3-6 months to fully heal and integrate with the bone. The compatible properties of the post allow it to fuse with jaw bone creating a lasting bond that will promote natural bone regeneration.


Once the implant has healed, an abutment will be attached to the top part of the implant. The abutment is designed to protrude from the gum-line and will be used to secure the final restoration.

Final Restoration

Depending on the type of restoration you are receiving, Dr. Pruitt will either attach your new dental crown to the abutment or secure a denture or bridge to the post. Your new smile will provide lasting confidence in your ability to eat and speak normally.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants provide a wide range of oral health and aesthetic benefits. Dental implants have nearly a 98% success rate, that is more successful than any other dental treatment. With proper oral hygiene, implants can last a lifetime. Dr. Pruitt will recommend dental implants for most patients with missing teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Provide normal chewing function
  • Natural looking
  • Long lasting, durable
  • Stabilize bite
  • Protects integrity of facial structure
  • No dietary limitations
Choosing Dental Implants

Choosing dental implants is an investment in your oral health and overall well being. Missing teeth can lead to serious oral health complications. When left untreated, missing teeth can lead to decay, periodontal disease, and gum recession. Patients who have even one missing tooth could experience deterioration of the jaw bone. Without the structural support of the tooth root, the jaw bone begins to recede. The facial structure may begin to collapse and look sunken in, prematurely aging a patient’s face.

Dental implants help to secure the structure of the bite and integrity of the face shape. Dental implants are embedded in the jaw bone and function like a natural tooth root. Implants actually encourage bone regeneration for long term success.

Smile In A Day

With advances in dental technology, dental implant procedures can now be used for patients with less healthy bone structure, or to secure  a traditional bridge. This allows patients who previously were not candidates for implants to receive the oral health benefits of dental implants and implant secured dentures. Dr. Pruitt will help patients determine if All on Four or mini implants are the right treatment plan to meet their cosmetic and oral health goals.

All On Four Dental Implants

All On Four dental implants allow patients with minimal healthy bone structure to receive the benefits of dental implants. All On Four uses strategic planning and coordination to remove teeth, place implants and secure a restoration all in one visit to our Houston, TX dentist office.

Mini Implants

Mini implants are used to secure a denture. Mini implants allow patient to enjoy many of the added health and lifestyle benefits of dental implants with a denture. For patient with a full arch of missing teeth, mini implants help to secure the denture preventing embarrassing slippage. Patient can enjoy a more varied diet and the implants help to support the integrity of the jaw bone.