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Dental Bridge An Overview

A dental bridge is often used to replace one tooth or several consecutive missing teeth. A dental bridge is a custom made ceramic restoration that uses a metal retainer to secure to adjacent teeth. Dental implants may also be used to anchor the bridge restoration for a more stable bite that promotes long term dental health.

Houston, TX restorative dentist Dr. Eddie Pruitt offers several dental restoration options for the replacement of missing teeth. A thorough dental health exam will help Dr. Pruitt recommend which dental restoration will provide the best results. Oral health, lifestyle, budget and personal cosmetic goals will all be considered when choosing a replacement option for missing teeth.

Dental Implants vs Dental Bridge

As tooth replacement options have evolved in recent years due to the development of dental implants, patients now have more choices when it comes to restoring their smile. Dr. Pruitt will discuss your options and recommend the most suitable for your unique needs. Dental implants will offer the most life-like replacement option for a single missing tooth, without needing to compromise adjacent healthy teeth. When two or more consecutive teeth are lost, using an implant supported bridge can provide permanent oral health stability and a confident smile. Dental implants offer several key health benefits:

  • Reduced bone loss in the jaw
  • Enables normal, confident speech
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Permanent, stable results

Dental Bridge What to Expect

A dental bridge is custom designed and fabricated for a secure fit and aesthetic result. Treatment for fitting a dental bridge will depend on whether or not a patient has chosen to secure the bridge with dental implants, or with adjacent teeth. For patients receiving dental implants, an appointment will be made for the surgical implantation. For patients who choose to anchor their dental bridge to their adjacent natural teeth, Dr. Pruitt will prepare the teeth by removing a small amount of tooth enamel to make room for the bridge.

Dental molds will be taken of the prepared teeth and mouth. The molds will be sent to a dental lab where the bridge will be fabricated to your unique specifications. Once the bridge is complete, it will either be fit to the prepared teeth or attached to the dental implants.

Dental implant secured dental bridges provide added oral health benefits. They do not require compromising the structure of otherwise healthy teeth to stabilize the form and function of the bite. Dental implant secured bridges also help to promote natural bone regeneration and protect the integrity of the jaw bone and facial structure.

To learn more about tooth replacement options and find out if you are a good candidate for a dental implant secured dental bridge, contact our Houston, TX dentist office. You can call our office, or request an appointment online.

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