Missing Teeth Houston, TX

Missing teeth negatively affect the appearance and the integrity of the bite and smile. Even one missing tooth can create complex dental health complications and should be treated as soon as possible. Modern dentistry allows for innovative and highly effective missing tooth replacement options including dental implants.

Houston, TX restorative dentist Dr. Eddie Pruitt offers complete dental implant services and other replacement options for the treatment of missing teeth. With over 35 years of dental practice experience, Dr. Pruitt offers patients uniquely tailored dental treatment plans, restoring the function and aesthetics of the teeth and gums. Dr. Pruitt holds a Masters of General Dentistry and has graduated from The Dawson Academy. His advanced training in restorative and cosmetic dentistry provides a foundation for stable results that support your long term oral health.

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth compromise the structure of the bite, alignment of the teeth and can cause the jaw bone to recede. Bone deterioration causes the face to look sunken in, making a patient appear much older than they are.  Left untreated patients with missing teeth are at a higher risk of additional tooth loss and can require extensive treatment to restore. Missing teeth compromise the health of the entire mouth and patients are more susceptible to gum disease, gum recession, and shifting or loosening of teeth.

Replacing missing teeth can also improve the aesthetics of patient’s smile. Patients who replace missing teeth enjoy lasting benefits and an improved self-confidence. Having a beautiful smile can help patients enjoy a better quality of life without dietary restrictions or problems with speech.
replace missing teeth houston tx dr pruitt

Treatment Options for Missing Teeth

Dr. Pruitt provides personalized and all inclusive treatment plans for patients with missing teeth. Treatment will vary and be determined by the size, location, and a number of missing teeth. Dr. Pruitt will also consider the health and integrity of the jaw bone, bite and overall oral health of the patient.  In addition to traditional treatment options such as dentures and bridges, Dr. Pruitt offers dental implant options for a natural and permanent option for replacing missing teeth.

Choosing Dental Implants

Dr. Pruitt offers complete in house dental implant services for consistent and lasting results. Dr. Pruitt and our dental care team will guide you through the entire process to ensure that you receive the best dental care possible. In house dental implants eliminate the need for additional specialists and can save patients time and money.  Dental implants provide long lasting oral health benefits and promote a more natural looking and functioning smile. Patients who choose dental implants can enjoy a diet with out restriction, and confidence that their restoration will not slip or move like traditional dentures. Dental implants promote natural bone regeneration and support a stable and healthy bite.

Areas We Serve

Dr. Pruitt provides treatment options for missing teeth that restore the function, health, and beauty to patients smiles. Dr. Pruitt and our dental care team welcome new and returning patients in the Houston, TX area. We serve and surrounding communities. Dr. Pruitt is a graduate of the Dawson Academy and holds a Masters of General Dentistry. A highly skilled and trained dentist, Dr. Pruitt practices dentistry with compassion and warmth while providing natural, aesthetic and high-quality results.